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My other frap. Art trade, collab, etc, just note me and I'll see if I have time atm :)
By the way, most updates will probably be in my scrapbook because I'm lazyyy~

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Will update when I fully come back from hiatus c:
The Dream by SirvanaRachana Singapore by SirvanaRachana Costa Rica by SirvanaRachana Rutherford Morrison's subhepatic space by SirvanaRachana SN by SirvanaRachana

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Thank you for the watch! <3
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I love your work! Keep on drawing then I keep on coming! ~
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Thank you for watching<3
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Hello you! Thank you for watching :iconk-i-n-g-s:! We are currently under construction, but please stay tuned for openings and announcements!

Sincerely yours,
Admin Team <3
Acsh Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for thanking me! :)
I've never watched K but the group sounds interesting so I'll definitely keep an eye out for you guys ;)
Pearleace Featured By Owner May 8, 2014
my favorite Pisces of the entire world!! *o*
r u up for dream-interpretation? >.<" it's been a long time since i had an exciting dream like this.. i feel it must hide a meaning my earthly eyes can't see through..
now.. i am totally not offended if u feel ur not up for it, for whatever reason. i fully realize u'd deserve to be paid for doing these!! D8 so if u don't wanna, i understand and u can just stop reading here and ignore this message >v< (or kindly and politely let me know i should stop harassing u and learn to interpret them myself!)

anyway, here goes.. :cough:
we were stuck in the hall of a mall, a huge empty room, there was me, maybe my two oldest sisters, our mom and perhaps an old family-friend. (memories r blurry x.x). and a lot of people we never met before. we weren't allowed to leave the mall, there was some danger to doing that, and we were waiting for a safe time to leave. but then things got from bad to worse. small cracks started appearing all over the walls that rapidly grew bigger. the place was abt to crumble, and i knew we had to get out, now or never. i got up and started running towards the door, but there was a danger in doing that, which i hadn't thought of, but now heard the words echoing in my mind all the way out, said by our family-friend, or one of my sisters, just as i had got up, but was too determined to stop at that point anymore. "Let the person that gets out now take the full responsibility if this place crushes all of us because the door opened." yet i knew that if we stayed, we were sure to die. so i took the risk, despite it wasn't just my own life at line. i got out safely, and then the mall started crumbling down. people were crowding out after me, catching fire, from which i got spared (perhaps the original threat had something to do with this mysterious fire?). they rolled on the ground and slapped the smaller parts of their clothing that had fire in them to make it stop. all the while i prayed in my heart that my family would get out safely, and they eventually did. i think everyone survived that incident, except for the mall that got destroyed. i confessed to the person that had warned not to try the front door after the walls started cracking, that her words haunted me all the way out. she patted me friendly in the back. we would've died if we'd stayed there any longer.
this dream didn't feel terrifying despite all of it. it was more exciting than anything else., i wonder if u know anything of what it could mean? ^^"
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